Linear Actuator Control Module


3 Programmable Settings w/ 3 Negative Inputs

Control your Linear Actuator with ease with our LA-Controller . This unit features 3 user programmable presets that are easily accessed via the push-button display to precisely control one linear actuator. Linear actuators can be used to open trunks, hoods, etc.

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Take full control of your linear actuator with the LA-Controller. This cutting-edge unit allows you to easily program and save up to 3 unique presets for precise and accurate control of your linear actuator. The push-button display makes accessing your presets simple and convenient. The LA-Controller is perfect for use in a variety of applications, such as opening trunks, hoods, and more.

Our innovative unit is equipped with advanced features for seamless operation, including an LED indicator that flashes above the programmed preset once the position has been learned by the main control unit. However, it’s important to note that proper wiring is crucial for correct operation. Please inspect all wiring to ensure proper connections, high-quality grounding, and appropriate fusing. Additionally, be sure to check wire routing and keep wires away from potential damage, such as moving parts.

Order your LA-Controller today and enjoy the convenience and precision control you deserve!

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