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October 7, 2020
Josh Robinson

"Foxzilla" 1988 Foxbody Mustang

To summarize, this car was more built than bought. The brainchild of too many beers and wanting to build something that would dominate the track.  Almost all the talent involved in this build are from Des Moines, IA. The same people who have worked together for years racing, hanging out and taking care of each other. This car is not a big budget build, but attention to detail was taken to spend the money where it counts. 

 The car itself is a test mule to develop the new 7.3L Ford Godzilla engine and aftermarket products. Featuring a F-1 series supercharger from Procharger to add that extra pep in it’s step, the motorbay also features an array of prototype products or initial production pieces. The engine itself is controlled by an Emtron KV8 ECU and has on the fly  tunable boost with a secondary throttle body. In this quest for the ultimate street car two development engines have been abused and we’ve had some epic failures in testing along the way, including a crash at Road America. Now that the teething process has nearly finished, the car is turning out to be a reliable weapon on the track. 

// Details

Attention to detail was key to making this car a standout both on track and at the show. The car features custom flairs, allowing us to squeeze Falken 315s on all four corners wrapped around Forgeline FF1 white wheels to give it that 80s vibe. The roof and doors are carbon fiber, allowing us to drop weight. The entire interior was built around ergonomics for the driver, featuring a custom trans tunnel, button array, Tilton pedal assembly and a whole lot more. Oh yea, we forgot to tell you… it has air jacks.  

In the world of six figure trailer queens, this is not what this car was designed to be, it was designed to be driven hard, and it shows. To validate some of the build items the car is competing in the 2022 Optima Search for the ultimate streetcar events in the Outlaw class and may be competing at SEMA. 

 Since the car is always evolving there are some big aero changes coming.  The car already has a flat floor so look for a carbon fiber Nine Lives Racing “Wang” and splitter, composite windows, carbon fiber hatch, fenders, and hood.   

Look for the car at a track near you! 

// Components & Assembly

Engine 7.3L Ford Godzilla Engine and driveline 


Willis Performance Stage two supercharger heads and Callies Stage 2 Supercharger Cam, Locked variable valve timing, Callies Connecting rods with 10.0:1 Wisesco Pistons, Innovators West Dampener, and blueprinted rebalanced rotating assembly.  and 103 mm Granatelli Motorsports throttle body and Trend Pushrods. 

Parts Developed or tested with this engine combination 

Billet Intake Manifold with built in Air to Water intercooler for boosted applications 

Baffled Billet Valve covers with -12 ORB fittings for crankcase ventilation 

Indy Power Products Oil Conversion System, front timing cover, windage tray, Oil Pan, Front engine dress for Pro Charger, Billet Timing marker, VVT lockout. 

 Engine Management from EMtron KV8 ECU – third aftermarket ECU that has run the Godzilla Engine 

 Custom Stainless headers and exhaust with Billet Stainless Flanges from MRC Fabrication, Borla resonators and Borla mufflers with 5” tips exiting the rear quarter panels of the car. 


Assembled by Bob Folkestad, Mike Six and Jim Ryder at Creative Werks Inc.  

Engine wiring & tuning by Samuel Hiu Bin at Off the Line Performance in Des Moines, IA.

Fuel System 

Fuel Safe 15-gallon cell with Radium FCST surge tank  

TI Automotive 450LPH lift pump and Weldon D2035 fuel pump 

Weldon Fuel Pressure Regulator 

Indy Power Products Fuel Rails 

Injector Dynamics ID2600X injectors 

Flex Fuel-capable via Continental Ethanol Content & Temperature Sensor 

PTFE Braided Fuel Lines Throughout 



Bowler Built Tremec T56 Magnum, Quick Time RM-8080 Belhousing, Tilton ST-246 twin Clutch kit, Transmission features cooler with Tilton Pump and Hayden Cooler 


Carbon Fiber drive shaft from Dynamic Drivelines, Des Moines, IA 

Cooling system 

Custom Radiator, oil cooler and heat exchanger from DeWitt’s Radiator, intercooler brick PWR / C&R Racing, custom intercooler tank, EMP intercooler pump, custom overflow and surge tank. GC 14” High Performance Fan with CWI Performance controller. 


Brembo GT R brakes 

Pedals- Tilton 600 Series pedals with Tilton Master Cylinders, remote Bias control, Drive by wire throttle and hydraulic clutch. 


Forgeline FF1 Wheels 18”x12” 

Falken Azenis 660 Tires 315/30/18 

Custom made Titanium Lug nuts by CWI Performance 




Detroit Speed Aluma Frame for Gen 1 Mustang with Gen 1 mustang rails grafted to car with, Speedway Engineering Sway bar, JRI Shocks tuned by Ultimate Performance and Billy Johnson.   


JRI Shocks tuned by Ultimate Performance and Billy Johnson, Custom 3 Link rear suspension with adjustable track bar like NASCAR, Speedway Engineering sway bar and custom brackets.  

Rear Suspension was designed and built by Billy Johnson and Bob Folkestad. 

Quick Performance 9” lightweight housing, 35 spline custom gun drilled not floating axles, tapered bearings, Eaton TrueTrack differential 4.10 gears, rearend features cooler with Tilton Pump and Hayden Cooler. 


Carbon Doors from Schoneck Composites, Carbon Roof, Steel hood, Custom steel flairs, heat extractors painted with Axalta Hot Hues Blue Steele custom billet hood catch mounts, custom Aluminum trunk floor, leather wrapped panels, Carbon fiber and Aluminum tunnel, wheel tubs.  Leather wrapped parts were done by Upholstery Unlimited in Clinton, Iowa. 

Roll Cage/ Chassis 

GT Style Cage 1 5/8 4130 .083 round tube with 2”x3” subframe connectors grafted to Gen 1 Mustang Rails, built and designed by Bob Folkestad, Billy Johnson and 515 Fabrication. 


KRC Power Steering pump, Sweet Power Reservoir, Momo wheel with controls on custom carbon panel.  Owner built column with Sweet U Joints. 


Electronics By Off the Line Performance and Sam Hui Bin 

EMtron KV8 Engine Management – Dual DBW for Engine/Torque Management via Bosch Motorsports DBW Throttle Body 

Creative Werks PWM Controller for Fan and Fuel Pump – Interacts with EMtron & ECUMaster PMU16 

ECUMaster PMU-16AS Motorsports-grade Power Distribution Module 

ECUMaster ADU-7 Digital Dash 

ECUMaster CANBus Keypad 

ECUMaster GPS Module 

Custom Steering Wheel w/ Vehicle & Engine Power Management Controls for the Driver 

Full Motorsports-grade Engine/ECU harness 



Recaro Pro Racer XL seats 

Momo 6 point Harness 

Kicker Stereo 

Vintage Air Heater / Defrost 

Custom dash panel / custom CNC machined cover  

ECU Master Digital Dash 




Build Team 

Bob Folkestad- Owner / Builder 

Preston Folkestad- Owner / Builder 

Mike Six- Engine Builder / Friend 

Aaron Linn- Fabricator / Friend 

Randy Dunkin- Fabricator/ Body 

Ken Woltz- Painter 

Samuel Hiu Bin/Tuned by Hiu Bin – Tuner / Wiring 

Argenis Martinez – Wiring / Friend 


Contributors / Partners 


Billy Johnson Racing- Chassis Consultant, Driving Coach, and professional Race Driver 

Indy Power Products- Engine Consulting and products 

Willis Performance Engines- Brian Wolfe 

Off The Line Performance- Electrical, Dyno and Tuning 

515 Fabrication Roll Cage, Press Brake and CNC cutting of flat panels 

Creative Werks Inc. CNC machining, fabrication, wiring, paint, and overall car build 

Nicholas Pavloski – EMtron Technical Support